About Us

Suzuran Bed (HK) Ltd. has been dedicated in the manufacturing of mattress and pillow in Hong Kong since 1983.


Suzuran Bed founder TW Wong. His parents passed away due to sickness and disease at a young age. Inspired him to search for secret to good health and prolong life.


He traveled to the some of the world's such as Japan healthiest cities in search for Secrets of Longevity. During his time in Japan he observed the local peaceful way of life.


He knows how the local reinforces three essential healthy factors, body, mind and soul. Diet, exercise to maintain the body, natural unprocessed food and regular exercise. Quality rest and meditation to keep mind health. Healthy social interaction to nourish the soul. He came to realization that longevity comes not from the exotics, but from the most basic elements of life.


Simplicity for body and soul is one of the keys to prolong life.