Benne Mat

Regulate temperature and protect skin
Eliminate static electricity, antifouling and dustproof
Strong antibacterial, good health performance
Breathable and smooth, moisture absorption and heat dissipation fast


Flax has a strong hygroscopicity and dehumidification, the relative humidity of local space can be adjusted. The pectin hypotenuse hole of flax fiber, make the skin wool stoma contacts can clean the skin, assist the skin to sweat, at the same time, flax fiber encounters heat to open, encounter cold to close, can absorb sweat and heat even conduction go out, maintain body heat balance, it is the fiber air conditioning that can breathe truly, enjoy "natural air conditioning" good reputation. Data from the Internet

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Soft, By your side

軟綿綿 守在你身邊


Made for the sleepaholic



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