Polaris Pillow (Contour)

Cool gel help to lower skin temperature and offer pleasant cool feeling.

Keep an optimum spine alignment and help to prevent aches and pains.

Relieve pressure to your shoulder neck and back.

Prevention and effectively relieve the waist sour backache, neck stiff.

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Support and align with ergonomics design.
The special designed shaped contours to yours head and neck helps to keep it allinged for extra comfort.












Memory foam keeps you comfy.


Memory foam USES your body temperature to soften and shape your body,

which provides significant support and comfort.

Once the stress is gone,

the memory foam will slowly recover, and over time,

the memory foam will remember your body shape and optimal sleeping position.







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Guard every moment



Soft, By your side

軟綿綿 守在你身邊


Made for the sleepaholic

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